The many unique and interactive exhibits at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers plenty of interesting and educational experiences for guests to explore. From interactive exhibitions, hands-on activities and workshops, to IMAX films and planetarium shows, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 


One popular exhibit that has been a part of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science since 2012 is the Prehistoric Journey. This exhibit showcases fossils, casts and interactive displays that bring prehistoric creatures to life. Guests can learn about the various species of dinosaurs, mammals, fish and more as they explore this exciting exhibition.


The Denver Museum also offers a variety of workshops and programs throughout the year. These interactive activities are perfect for kids and families to learn more about the natural world. From exploring space and examining specimens, to building robots and navigating mazes, these workshops can be fun and educational. 


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science also has a variety of IMAX films and planetarium shows available throughout the year. These films are perfect for guests who want to explore their universe without leaving the museum. With stunning visuals and captivating stories, these films allow guests to experience the wonders of the earth and beyond with clarity and awe. 


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a great place for anyone to explore and learn more about nature, science, history, culture, and so much more. With its variety of interactive exhibits, workshops and films, the museum is a great destination for guests of all ages. Whether you want to take a journey through prehistoric times or explore the mysteries of space, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has something for everyone. 


The museum also offers special events and activities throughout the year so be sure to check their website for upcoming events and experiences. With so much to explore, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a great place to learn and have fun! 

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