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Broken Spring Replacement Denver

Garage doors put on a weight and with gravity taking effect, spring systems are used to counteract the force so that the doors feel lighter when pushed open and to control their motion when they are pulled down to prevent the doors from crashing to the ground. There are two different spring systems used in garage door assembly namely Extension Spring system and the Torsion Spring System.

Extension Spring systems uses springs with one end mounted on the door sides and the other end hooked to a pulley and into the tracks. These springs expand and contract whenever the door opens or closes. Torsion Spring systems more commonly used nowadays. It uses springs that are mounted above the door framing, usually in a horizontal position. These springs wind and unwind to open or close the garage doors.

Whichever spring system used in a garage door, the springs are both under a lot of tension and with extensive use they could break. A broken spring can cause unbalanced garage doors preventing them from opening and closing properly. They can also cause additional strain to the garage door openers.

We Provide Broken Spring Repair and Installation Services

Rocky Mountain Garage Doors offers a wide variety of services from new garage door installation to repair and broken spring replacement Denver, Colorado areas. Our services include:

  • Installation of New Garage Doors
  • Repair of Garage Doors
  • Installation of Garage Door Openers
  • Repair of Garage Door Openers
  • Maintenance and Repair of Commercial Garage Doors
  • Replacement of Door Cables
  • Replacement of Broken Springs
  • Repair Garage Door Off Tracks

Replacing old and worn-out door springs can be dangerous for the inexperienced especially the extension type as these highly tense springs can break, fly across the room and injure someone. It is best if to have a periodic maintenance check and repair done by a professional.

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We also use high quality and durability of our torsion springs along with all other replacement parts to ensure a hassle-free and convenient garage door operation.

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