Garage door cables play an integral part in your garage door assembly. These cables work together with the springs to lift the garage doors up and down. While the springs winding or extension provide the force to open the garage doors, cables on the other hand provide the lift to slide the doors up and down. Applying enough amount of tension from the springs to the cables lifts the doors as the cable’s rolls over the pulleys and winds into a cable drum.

Garage door cables are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel strands which are twisted together to make a durable cable. This cable is also commonly referred to as ‘Aircraft Cable’. Garage door cables specifically used under tension making them prone to wear and tear over time. Plus, a faulty bearing on the pulley or the use of a wrong size of springs can accelerate the wearing of cables.  In turn, a worn-out cable can put additional strain to the garage door opener. Even worse, worn out cables can snap and cause the door to get stuck. That why periodic maintenance check and replacement of these parts highly recommended if not required.

Because cables and springs are under tension, replacing them by someone with little to no knowledge or experience can cause a lot of bigger problems, a dent to your parked vehicle at the least and serious injury at the worst. Leave the maintenance and repair to the experts.

How Do I Repair Broken Garage Door Cable?

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One of the most common problem encountered with garage door’s when the cables get thrown off the drum which would appear that the cables are loose.

The result is your garage door not opening or closing completely. Some people will try to force the doors open or close. Do not do this as applying additional force can break the springs and pulleys, bend the tracks, or even damage the doors. Instead, leave the doors at their current state and call for an expert immediately to repair the cables.

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