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Everything you wanted to know

garage door products of different models are manufactured in plants all across the United States. They are then distributed through channels made up of highly trained professionals. Those same professionals are the ones that will install your door. To buy your garage door, you need to contact an authorized distributor in your area. You can use Rocky Mountain Garage Doors’s distributor resources to get the best dooring for your garage.

Garage doors are among some of the largest moving objects in your residential or commercial property. They are also among the most dangerous materials any place can have. As suc, it is not advisable to not attempt to repair your own garage door. Rather, contact one of our authorized and experienced technicians to come repair your door. These people are fully trained on the best ways to repair your garage door properly.

The majority of residential, commercial and industrial garage doors can be painted, if you want. But we need to see your owner’s manual for specific painting instructions. In addition, a good number of the commercial doors in the market can be coated with powdered material.  Our team offers 197 powder coat colors to blend well with the look of your residence or business facility. When you work with us, we’d be able to tell which door needs painting and the color palette to follow.

Yes, it is a possibility but only in some cases. Nevertheless, it depends on the kind of damage the garage door has incurred. In some cases, there might be no better option than to replace the entire thing.  Well, only a professional would be able to help you make the best decision, just as they’d be able to help you replace only some parts or do an holistic job.

When we say R-value, we are referring to the measure of thermal efficiency. The higher the value, the greater the insulating capacity of the garage door. Rocky Mountain Garage Doors makes a calculated door section R-value for insulated doors. Our company has a solid handle on several door styles to meet your insulated door needs for both residential and commercial applications. The R-value of every door we buy and install for you is bound to work for its money.

Well, yes. But we have discovered that this kind of question is open to interpretation. All we know and live for is: when it comes to some of the best architectural designs, you can count on us. We do not have resident architects but we have the resources, an abundance of them. Our talented and innovative team will give you complete product specifications, well-done CAD drawings, BIM model details and even product brochures. If we are doing a total renovation of your place, this and more awaits you.

Should your garage door not be operating at peak capacity or seems to have broken down completely, it is the time to replace it, preferably with a newer, better model In addition, when the aesthetic values of your property is to be increased (perhaps for real estate deals) a new garage door installation is needed as well. Yes, garage doors add value to properties. The resale value of any residential or commercial piece of real estate can be increased when the garage door is attractive or exceptional. However, a new garage door installation needs to be carried by a professional company only. The value it’s supposed to add is only as good as the person who installed it.

When it happens, it is most likely as a result of safety sensors in the opener of the door. They are often mounted close to the floor on either side of the garage doorway. For you to get the door closed without having to pull in down, the sensors must be free from obstructions. Additionally, they must always be pointing in each other’s direction. If the problem persists, don’t troubleshoot any further. Only call a qualified technician for the repair. If the door proves difficult to close, don’t try forcing it manually. Just make that call right away.

Thankfully, you already know it is a yearly affair. If your garage door is working without showing symptoms of mechanical or electrical illness, you can schedule for tuneups or standard servicing at least once annually. But if you notice grinding sounds, screeching and clunking when you use the door among other issues, there is no need waiting for a set time before calling the services of a specialist. The earlier the problem is fixed, the better.

Yes, we ensure we keep a wide variety of garage door opener remote controls in stock in our showroom. We sell remote controls for all manufacturers and models. Whenever you need one, all you need to do is call us. One of our staff will either bring it over to make sure it works correctly or just dispatch it to your place if it is an easy replacement for anyone to do. It all depends on the model you choose. We try to always keep an updated stock of all the remote controls in the garage door industry.