Is Damage to Garage Door Covered by Insurance

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Is Damage to Garage Door Covered by Insurance

When your garage door gets damaged, you want to fix it as soon as possible. You might begin to think about your homeowner’s insurance. Great!

Insurances are lifesavers. But does homeowner’s insurance cover garage door repair? The answer to that is yes. The homeowner’s insurance can cover your damaged garage door. And it’s not just homeowner’s insurance; car insurance can help too in certain situations.

However, there are conditions to it. Depending on your insurance company, the policies can vary. That is, if Mr. X’s insurance company is getting his garage door fixed after a terrible weather scenario, you might not get yours fixed on such terms. The possibility of low vision in bad weather might not strictly apply to your insurance company’s terms.

While insurance can be a significant investment, it can also be a reason for disappointment. Like we mentioned earlier, they do not cover all case scenarios leading to a defect on your garage door. But let’s cast our glances to the bright side of insurance policies. We have some of the techniques that can trigger your homeowner’s insurance to become useful.

So, if someone breaks into your apartment, there is an occurrence of a natural disaster, or accidental damage from your vehicle occurs, you might have homeowner’s insurance covering it. Absolutely.

Let’s check them out in detail.

Someone Broke into your Home

Breaking into homes isn’t rampant these days. If it ever happens, windows seem to be easy targets. But if it’s your garage door, the good news is that homeowner’s insurance can cover it. You only have to check that the conditions are met with the homeowner’s insurance company you use.

Natural Disaster Damaged your Garage Door.

Sometimes the wind is too strong, causing damage to your garage door. Home insurances are famous for saving this sort of scenario. However, you need to check with your insurance provider too. That this is a popular case where you can get insurance benefits doesn’t mean it applies in your insurance policies.

Accidental Damage from a Vehicle

If there’s accidental damage from a vehicle, you should be able to get your insurance up. Sometimes bad weather can reduce visibility and cause you to move the vehicle wrongly. Again you need to check with your insurance company as this might not be their list.

But what if it isn’t you who damages the garage door? Let’s say you have friends over at your house, and they do the damage. Well, you’ll have to hope that their insurance will cover the damages.

Will my Insurance Company Cover Wear and Tear?

No, your insurance company won’t cover wear and tear. While some insurance companies may cover damage by yourself or damage by an intruder to your home, wear and tear are an absolute No.

You’ve used the best life of your garage door, and it’s time to get a new one or do one hell of a job on it to make it look great again.

Since insurances don’t always cover your garage door damage, you might need to fix it yourself. Damages on garage doors aren’t usually extreme, so it would usually cost you a little.

Now you need to know how much garage door repairs cost. So how much do garage door repairs cost? The figure varies, but garage door repair is generally available for between $150 to $350.

Depending on what exactly it is you have to do on your door. The prices might flare up, but $150 – $350 s a basic range that is good for normal damages.

Before you consider a repair, you need to consider that the garage door might need an inspection first. The inspection allows you to know the problem areas in your garage door. When the problems are identified, you’ll get a more concise bill concerning the repairs.

For example, dents are common garage issues and the prices that they range for vary.

Dents can occur in your door by yourself, or when you have to move things through the garage door with some help, and so on. Fixing dents starts from $30 up to $180.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Garage Door Repairs.

Will garage door material affect the cost of fixing?

Yes, the type of material that makes up your garage door plays a significant part in how much the repair will cost. The prices go up from wooden garage doors to those made of aluminum.

Can I refinish my garage door?

In a bid to repair your garage door. You might want to consider changing the finish. Perhaps it now lacks luster. The possibility of refinishing depends on the material your garage door is made of.

Will the garage door style affect repair expense?

When it comes to style, garage doors can be carriage type, sectional, or one-panel types. The carriage type of garage door has few components. So you could be fixing the small parts which won’t cost much. If you’re not lucky with the small parts, replacement might be what your garage door needs.

Another style is the sectional type. This one has lots of smaller sections — several possible pieces to fix.

But one-panel garage doors are hard to dissect. If there’s a problem with your one-panel garage door, you’ll soon be replacing the whole unit.


Asides from a case where the issue with your door is wear and tear, getting your insurance to cover for you is not certain. Some homeowner’s insurances cover certain accidents while others don’t. The best you can do is to find out if your homeowner’s insurance covers your case scenario.

If the damage was entirely your fault or someone else’s, the insurance will not cover up for damages.

Your garage door is not something you want to joke with, especially when it poses a security risk to you and your loved ones.

So, In a case where you cannot get homeowner’s insurance to fix your garage door, know that garage door repairs can be affordable. They start with as low as $30 and can go up to $1000 depending on the condition, material, and the parts of your door that need mending.