How Much Should a Garage Door Replacement Cost

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How Much Should a Garage Door Replacement Cost

How Much Should A Garage Door Replacement Cost?

Garage doors are some of the strongest and heaviest doors that require intricate cable, spring, and track systems to open and close, so they need replacements or repairs at some point. On average, the cost of fixing can be as low as $100 and as high as $2400, depending on if it is a total garage door replacement or a garage door repair.

The garage door replacement cost varies depending on the type of door you want to get, either a single door or two doors or more. The higher the quality, the more expensive it is. For example, a Fiber Glass garage door is more expensive than wood. In contrast, in terms of repair, wood is more costly to repair than the other garage door material types. The types include:

Aluminum: It is rust-resistant but can dent easily.

Steel: Steel is excellent because of its strength. It is also tough and secure, although it can dent and corrode.

Wood: It is prone to rot, warping, and general wear. The repair cost can be as high as $100.

Fiber:  This is the most economical material. It is dent, crack, and rust-resistant.

Aside from the garage door’s full replacement, other types of replacements and repairs include fixing locks, sensors, tracks, cables, garage door openers, opening and closing problems, and springs. Below is a repair cost guide based on the type of repair.

Garage door cable replacement

Cables perform a vital function of keeping the counterbalance for your door in position. If they are not working correctly, your doors may not close on their own and cause serious injuries. Hence, once frayed or broken, it needs to be replaced. Its replacement costs between $150 – $200.

Garage door spring replacement

Springs help lift garage doors. They bear a heavy load plus constant exposure to environmental elements; they break. A broken spring is very dangerous and can cause severe injury. It is important to change both springs, even if only one spring snaps. Experts say that once one spring is broken, the other is not far behind. It cost between $200 to $300 to have both springs replaced.

NOTE: Do not attempt to replace the springs on your own. It is hazardous and can lead to severe injuries.

Garage door opener replacement

This is the motor that automatically opens and closes the garage door. The cost of replacement depends on the type of opener and its component. A chain-driven opener is less expensive but noisier than a belt-driven garage door opener. A screw drive garage door opener is also noisy but simple and easy to maintain. Typically, average cost for a repair ranges between $250-$900.

Garage door track replacement

The garage door wheels should always move smoothly on the track, and this won’t happen on a bent, dented, or broken track. A repair is needed when you notice the door is not opening and closing properly. Average cost is between $75-$250

Garage door Lintel Replacement

The lintel, the beam that forms the frame, is made of wood that can rot and metal that can rust. It costs between $100-$400 for a replacement.

Garage door Sensor replacement

The sensors determine if the door would open or close. A faulty sensor may detect an obstruction that doesn’t exist. It can also be fatal because a faulty sensor can try to force itself closed when you’re in the way. It cost about $75-$100 for a replacement.

Garage door panel replacement

New panels are very expensive; hence this is one of the most expensive garage door repairs. Replacing the panels helps the door operate properly. It may even be cost-effective to get a new garage door if there is an issue with the panels, especially if you have an older garage door model. Replacement costs between $300-$1000.

Garage door Rollers replacement

The rollers tend to wear down after a couple of years, so they need to be replaced. Worn-out rollers do not pose safety concerns, but they can be a significant inconvenience. It is important to replace it with original quality as it will last longer. Replacement costs between $85-$175.

Garage door pulleys

The pulleys that operate the door can wear out. Replacement costs between $85-$160

Other problems can occur with your garage doors, which may lead to you not knowing what is wrong. Below is a table showing the different problems you might encounter and the component involved, and solutions to help you figure out the pricing.


Component involved/ Solution

Door Sagging in the Middle

It can be a problem with the track or hinges. Re-enforcement maybe needed

Dented Door

The panel may need to be replaced if the dent is severe.

Door going up and down on its own

This could be caused by a wiring issue, sensors, broken springs, or opener system.


It could be an issue with the track. A new track or realignment would be needed.

Lock Cable snapped

The cable will be replaced.

Sagging Header

This is caused by the beam sagging. It would need to be reinforced.

Bent door

Doors or panels may need replacing.

Cable came off

Cable might be refitted or replaced if damaged.

When replacing a garage door, ensure the following safety features are considered.

  1. Tamper Resistant: Your risk of injury from other door components is reduced by the brackets at the bottom
  2. Pinch Resistant: Pinch resistance pushes your fingers away if they are too close to the door.

There are emergency door problems that have to be fixed right away. An example is your door opening and closing on its own or broken springs. This brings about an extra charge ranging from $100-$200.

In trying to save cost, you might consider attempting to do the replacements or repairs yourself. However, this is very risky. You would be exposing yourself to numerous injuries and can even cause more damage to the garage door leading to you spending more than the initial cost of repair.

Always call us to handle your garage door problems.