Get Ready for Spring – Here’s What You Need to Know About Replacing a Broken Spring

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Is your car stuck in the garage? Broken springs are usually to blame – they’re quite heavy and add extra strain that shortens opener life. Worry not! Most broken springs can be easily repaired, as long as you have the necessary tools for the job. However, if you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself, please remember that attempting this without proper resources may cause injury or damage to your door. So take some time and effort before replacing a worn-out spring – after all, safety is of utmost importance!

Understanding the actual function of your spring is essential for any successful garage door repair. It reduces the strain on both the opener and helps maintain even pressure across your entire garage.

Additionally, be aware of all three types of springs: torsion, coil, and leaf varieties; recognizing which one to use will save you from future problems down the road. Lastly, lubricating it can ensure that everything works smoothly – a nominal expenditure of just $5-6 will do wonders!

To accurately measure a torsion spring, many factors should be taken into account such as wire size, winding orientation, and length. Fortunately for those living in Scottsdale, Gilbert Mesa Queen Creek or Chandler there are numerous companies that have broken spring replacement services available.