Colorado Christian University: Fostering Faith and Learning in Lakewood, Colorado

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Located in the scenic city of Lakewood, Colorado, Colorado Christian University (CCU) stands out as a premier institution for higher education that intertwines academic rigor with Christian values. As one of the leading Christian universities in the Rocky Mountain region, CCU is committed to providing a holistic education that develops students intellectually, professionally, and spiritually.

Founded in 1914, Colorado Christian University has a long history of dedication to its mission of cultivating knowledge and love of God in a Christ-centered community. With a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and online programs, CCU offers a comprehensive education that prepares students to lead impactful lives in their professions and communities while fostering a strong Christian faith.

At the heart of CCU’s academic excellence is its commitment to integrating faith into the learning experience. The university offers a wide array of degree programs across various disciplines, including business, education, healthcare, and the arts. Each program is infused with a Christian perspective, ensuring that students not only gain technical knowledge and skills but also a deeper understanding of how their faith intersects with their professional lives.

The campus of Colorado Christian University is a vibrant hub of student life and activities. The university is home to state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, laboratories, a library with extensive resources, and comfortable residential halls. These facilities are designed to support a conducive learning environment and foster a community where students can grow both personally and spiritually.

Student life at CCU is enriched by a wide range of extracurricular activities and organizations that reflect its Christian ethos. The university encourages students to engage in community service and outreach programs, both locally and internationally, to develop a sense of global responsibility and Christian service. Additionally, CCU hosts various spiritual life activities, including chapel services, Bible studies, and worship nights, which are integral to student life and spiritual growth.

Athletics also play a significant role at Colorado Christian University, with the school competing in the NCAA Division II as part of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. CCU offers a variety of sports programs, such as basketball, soccer, and cross-country, providing student-athletes with the opportunity to excel in sports while developing character and leadership skills in a team-oriented environment.

One of CCU’s distinctive features is its strategic initiative known as the “Strategic Objectives.” This plan focuses on key areas such as academic excellence, spiritual formation, and cultural impact. It aims to prepare students to become leaders in their fields and to make a positive difference in the world, guided by Christian principles.

Colorado Christian University also prioritizes accessibility to education, offering various scholarships, financial aid programs, and work-study options to help students manage the cost of their education. This commitment ensures that a larger number of students can experience a CCU education without financial burden.

In conclusion, Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado, is more than just an institution of higher learning. It is a community where education is interwoven with faith, and where students are nurtured to achieve academic success and to embody Christian values in all aspects of their lives. CCU stands as a beacon of faith-based education, dedicated to developing leaders who are prepared to serve and inspire in a global society.



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