The Garage Door Service Process Explained

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At Rocky Mountain Garage Doors, we have a process to make sure your garage door gets top-notch service. Here’s an overview of the garage door service process:

  1. First Look: Our skilled technicians start by checking your garage door. They examine parts like springs, cables, tracks, rollers, hinges, and the opener to spot any problems or issues.
  2. Checking for Safety: Safety comes first. Our experts perform a detailed safety check, testing safety sensors, auto-reverse features, and other safety components. This guarantees your garage door works safely and reduces the chance of accidents.
  3. Fixing Alignment: If your garage door is not moving right, our experts will adjust it. They’ll make sure the tracks are aligned, the door is balanced, and all parts work together smoothly.
  4. Checking the Opener: If you use a garage door opener, our team will test and adjust it if necessary. Firstly, they’ll ensure the remote control. Secondly the keypad. Finally, the wall button works correctly. As a result, your opener responds quickly and will work smoothly.
  5. Service Report and Next Steps: On the other hand, once the service is done, our team will give you a report. Consequently detailing what they did. Most importantly, given any problems they found, and their suggestions. If you have questions or need more help, they’ll answer and set up any future appointments if needed.

Through this complete service process, we at Rocky Mountain Garage Doors make sure your garage door gets the best care. Our expert team is dedicated to offering excellent service that makes your garage door safer, and more functional. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!


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