Signs of Damage That Could Indicate an Emergency Garage Door Repair

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If you are experiencing issues with your garage door, it may be time for an emergency repair. The garage door is an important part of your home, protecting your family and vehicles from pests and the weather. Garage doors also add curb appeal to your home. This is a good reason to have your door inspected regularly.

Your garage door works on a system of tracks, springs and pulleys to open and close. If your door is shaky, it may be due to broken rollers or hinges. You will want to check these areas before making a decision about whether or not you need a garage door repair.

If your garage door makes a loud grinding noise, it could indicate that you need lubrication. Broken cables or hinges can also cause this problem. Other problems that can cause a noisy garage door include a faulty connection to circuitry, a malfunctioning keypad, and an obstruction on the track.

If your garage door is sagging or shaking, you may need a new door. These types of issues can cause serious bodily injury. In addition, damaged panels can also mean that the door is no longer providing adequate protection.

Sometimes, even with the smallest signs of damage, it is possible to fix your garage door. It may be necessary to replace a broken panel, repair a spring, or clean the door’s surface. However, if you decide that a full replacement is in order, you will need to hire a professional to make the necessary repairs.

While an emergency garage door repair is a last resort, it is often the only option. Often, the earliest sign of a problem is an uneven or cracked panel. An older, worn out door may require complete refinishing. Also, if your door is discolored, you can fix this issue by washing the surface and applying primer.

Another warning signal that your door is in need of repair is that it is difficult to raise or lower it. Torsion springs can break, causing a grating noise. Lift cables can wear out. You can also check to see if there is a gap beneath the door. Even small cracks in a panel or broken parts can lead to more extensive problems.

Finally, if you hear your door motor running, you need to check its locking mechanism. It may be jammed or if the cables or motor is stuck.

Fortunately, most garage door problems are relatively easy to repair. For instance, you can install new transponder batteries. You can also check for faulty wiring. Typically, a broken door will not respond to the button.

If you have any of the above warning signals, it is vital that you contact a certified professional immediately. This can save you from potentially costly future repairs.

A professional can inspect your door and determine what needs to be done. They can also repair minor cosmetic damage such as chipped paint.

In addition to fixing minor damage, a professional can repair a broken door and place it back on the tracks. Unless the damage is significant, you should only need to replace one panel.

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