Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Whether you are looking for a repair or a replacement, you should always contact a professional. They have the necessary skills and can fix the problem quickly and safely. In addition, they can provide free estimates and offer a complete tune-up for your garage door.

Before you begin your spring repair, be sure to wear safety glasses. You also should make sure that you have a ladder. A sturdy ladder will help keep you safe while you work. You should also purchase lubricants for your garage door springs. These will prevent corrosion and drying. You may also need a pair of vice grips or a file. You can find these at any hardware store.

Before you replace your springs, you should determine how many turns you need. You should also take measurements from the old spring. This is important so you know how long the new springs will be. You should also paint a line on the width of the spring to remember how many turns you have completed.

Before you begin your spring repair, you should make sure that you have a ladder. If you don’t, you may not be able to remove the broken spring. You should also be comfortable working overhead. You should also have an adjustable wrench and vise grips. Using an adjustable wrench will allow you to tighten the set screws more easily. The vise grips will allow you to place the shaft in its proper position while keeping it in place. You should also clutch the bars on the ends of the shaft that are farthest from the cones. You should use a silicone-based lubricant to protect the spring from damage.

Once you have removed the old springs, you should place the new ones in the correct position. This will ensure that you will be able to replace the springs with ease. You should also be careful to keep the cables in the drums. This will reduce the chance that your door will get off track. You can also replace the cables simultaneously with the springs. If you have a garage door with a single strut on top, you can replace the springs and the strut at the same time.

You should then begin replacing the cables. These are circular pieces that are placed on either side of the garage. They are cast aluminum alloy. They are 12.6″ in diameter around the flat portion of the drum. They travel alongside the door and behind the roller stems. These cables are also designed to be re-wound until they are secure. You should also realign the cables to make them align with the Sharpie marks.

You should also remove the second winding bar from the first winding bar. After you have removed the first bar, insert the second winding bar in the slot in the winding cone. You will have to pull the bar up a bit. Once you are comfortable with the torsion, you can put the bar down.

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