The Garage Door Installation Process Explained

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The garage door installation process involves several steps to ensure a proper fit and functioning. At Rocky Mountain Garage Doors, we strive to provide a transparent and efficient installation experience. Here’s a breakdown of the typical garage door installation process:


  1. Assessment and Measurement: Our professional team will visit your home to assess your garage, take measurements, and determine the right size and type of door for your installation. This step ensures that the door fits perfectly and functions optimally.


  1. Material and Design Selection: Once the assessment is complete, we guide you through selecting the material, design, and customization options for your new garage door. Our wide range of choices ensures that you find the perfect door that matches your home’s style and meets your preferences.


  1. Removal of Existing Door: If you’re replacing an existing garage door, our team will carefully remove the old door, panels, and hardware. This step involves disconnecting the opener, unscrewing hinges and tracks, and safely dismantling the old system.


  1. Installation of Tracks and Hardware: Our installers will then install the tracks, springs, and hardware required for the new door. This includes aligning and securing the tracks, attaching hinges, and installing the necessary components for proper door movement.


  1. Installation of Panels and Sections: Next, our team will install the door panels


and sections. They will carefully align and secure each panel, ensuring proper fit and smooth operation. This step may involve attaching rollers, connecting panels with hinges, and securing the sections together.


  1. Installation of Springs and Cables: Our professionals will install the springs and cables, crucial components that support the weight and movement of the garage door. They will carefully balance and adjust the tension of the springs to ensure optimal performance and safety.


  1. Installation of Opener and Accessories: If you’re installing a garage door opener, our team will mount and connect the opener unit, ensuring proper alignment and functionality. They will also install any additional accessories, such as remote controls, keypads, or safety sensors, as per your requirements.


  1. Testing and Adjustment: Once the installation is complete, our team will thoroughly test the door’s operation. They will check the balance, smoothness of movement, safety features, and proper functioning of the opener. Any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure optimal performance.


  1. Final Inspection and Clean-up: Our professionals will conduct a final inspection to ensure that everything is in order. They will clean up the installation area, removing any debris or packaging materials, and leave your garage clean and tidy.


  1. Explanation and Demonstration: Before leaving, our team will explain the operation, maintenance, and safety features of your new garage door. They will demonstrate how to use the opener, provide maintenance tips, and answer any questions you may have.


At Rocky Mountain Garage Doors, we prioritize a seamless installation process to ensure your satisfaction. Our experienced team follows these steps meticulously to provide you with a high-quality, properly installed garage door. Contact us today to schedule your garage door installation and experience our professional service firsthand.


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