The Signs That Garage Door Cables Need Repair

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Garage door cables are essential parts that play a crucial function in the smooth functioning of your garage door. As time passes the cables may experience the effects of wear and tear and require repair by a professional.

Here are a few signs that suggest that your garage door cable requires attention:

  1. Look closely at your cables for signs of damage. If you see fraying, cracks, or broken parts, it means your cables need fixing. Damaged cables can make your garage door less safe and stable.
  2. If your garage door looks lopsided or sags to one side, it might be due to cable problems. Damaged cables can make the door uneven and cause it to work poorly. Getting cable repairs can fix this issue and make your garage door stable again.
  3. If your garage door makes strange, scraping, or grinding sounds when you open or close it, it might indicate cable problems. Damaged or worn-out cables can create friction, leading to noisy operation. Getting professional repairs can make your door quieter and smoother.
  4. If your garage door moves slowly or hesitates when you try to open or close it, it might be due to cable problems. Damaged cables can make it hard for the door to move smoothly. Quick repairs can restore your garage door’s speed and functionality.
  5. If your garage door cables have snapped or failed, it’s a clear sign they need repair. A damaged cable makes your garage door unsafe to use. Professionals can fix the cables and ensure your garage door is safe and works well.

If you notice any of these signs with your garage door cable, it’s important to get professional help. Rocky Mountain Garage Doors has experts ready to fix cable issues fast. Contact us now to schedule your cable repair and enjoy a fully functional and secure door.


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