Maintaining Commercial Garage Doors for Optimal Performance

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Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your commercial garage doors. Proper maintenance helps prevent costly repairs, ensures smooth operation, and extends the lifespan of your doors. Here are some essential maintenance tasks to keep your commercial garage doors in top shape:


  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your commercial garage doors regularly to remove dirt, debris, and grime. Use a mild detergent and water solution to gently scrub the surfaces of the doors, including the panels, tracks, and hardware. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of dirt and extends the lifespan of the doors.


  1. Lubrication: Lubricate the moving parts of your commercial garage doors to ensure smooth operation. Apply a silicone-based lubricant to hinges, rollers, tracks, and springs. Lubrication reduces friction and wear, preventing premature damage and ensuring quiet and efficient door movement.


  1. Inspect Hardware: Regularly inspect the hardware, including hinges, rollers, tracks, and cables. Look for signs of wear, rust, or damage. Tighten any loose hardware and replace any damaged components promptly. Properly functioning hardware is essential for the smooth operation and safety of your commercial garage doors.


  1. Check Weatherstripping: Inspect the weatherstripping around your commercial garage doors. Replace any damaged or worn weatherstripping to maintain a proper seal. Weatherstripping helps keep out drafts, dust, and pests, while also enhancing energy efficiency.


  1. Test Safety Features: Test the safety features of your commercial garage doors regularly to ensure they are functioning properly. This includes the auto-reverse mechanism and photo-eye sensors. Test the auto-reverse function by placing an object in the path of the door while closing. The door should reverse upon contact. Clean the photo-eye sensors to ensure they are free from dirt or obstructions.


  1. Balance and Alignment: Check the balance and alignment of your commercial garage doors. A properly balanced door ensures smooth and efficient operation. If you notice any imbalance or misalignment, contact a professional technician to make the necessary adjustments.


  1. Professional Inspection: Schedule regular professional inspections for your commercial garage doors. Professional technicians have the expertise to identify potential issues and perform maintenance tasks that may require specialized tools or knowledge. Professional inspections help catch problems early and prevent major repairs down the line.


By following these maintenance tips and regularly inspecting your commercial garage doors, you can ensure their optimal performance and prevent unexpected issues. Rocky Mountain Garage Doors offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep your commercial garage doors in excellent condition. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance service and ensure the longevity and reliable operation of your doors.

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