Increased Security with Garage Door Features for Commercial Businesses

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Security is an essential factor for commercial buildings and the choice you make of garage door features could dramatically impact the overall security of your company. Here at Rocky Mountain Garage Doors, we offer a wide range of Security with Garage Door options that can be fitted to commercial garage doors. Here are a few key options to take into consideration:

  1. Access Control System: To enhance security, you can install access control systems for commercial garage doors. These systems help you regulate and monitor who enters your business premises. Options include keycard readers, keypad entry systems, and biometric fingerprint scanners. They ensure that only authorized personnel can access the area.
  2. Alarm Systems Install alarm systems specifically made to be used on commercial garage doors. These alarms can be activated through unauthorized attempts to enter or tampering. They can also be triggered by forced opening. Silent alarms and Audible alarms which alert security personnel aid in preventing and minimizing security violations.
  3. Alerts and Remote Monitoring: Use technology for real-time remote monitoring and alerts for commercial garage doors. This may involve mobile apps or software that sends notifications to authorized personnel during security incidents. Remote monitoring keeps your property secure and notifies you of issues, even when you’re not on-site.
  4. Stronger Build: Opt for commercial garage doors made with reinforced parts like sturdy frames, impact-resistant panels, and reinforced hinges. This type of construction enhances the door’s strength and durability, making it more resistant to break-ins.

Adding these security features to your commercial garage doors will greatly enhance your business’s safety. The team at Rocky Mountain Garage Doors can help you choose the right options for your security with garage door needs and provide expert installation services. Contact us today for a free appointment!

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