When your garage door spring breaks

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When your garage door spring breaks, it’s time to replace it. Broken springs are dangerous, and can cause damage to your door, opener, and braking system. The good news is that you can have them replaced quickly and safely by a professional.

If you hear a loud bang or cracking sound coming from the spring, it’s probably broken. Broken springs can be found near the wheel, just above the axle. They are easily identified visually.

Before attempting to fix the spring, make sure you have all the tools you need. Some broken springs may be too difficult to remove without proper tools. In addition, if you don’t know how to repair a broken spring, you could injure yourself.

Spring replacements are a complex job, and it’s best to hire a professional to handle it. Broken springs are usually caused by bumps or severe overloading. By bringing in a qualified professional, you can avoid additional problems and extend the lifespan of your springs.

How to Spot a Broken Garage Door Spring