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Garage Off Track Repair Denver Colorado

Does your garage door suddenly get stuck and won’t continue moving up or down? Is your garage door shaky when sliding? It could be due to a garage door going off track and causing unbalanced garage doors.

Garage doors open and close by having rollers slide in tracks whenever the springs apply tension into the cables which in turn lifts the doors along the guided track. Due to extensive use, these parts become worn out and loose. This could lead the garage doors to go off track. A garage door thrown off its track defeats the security purpose of a garage door and even pose as a hazard risk to anybody.

If your garage doors have gone off track, do not try and force it to close. Instead, call us immediately to have your garage off track repair Denver and checked.

We at Rocky Mountain Garage Door specialize in installing and repairing all kinds of garage door problems. We are one of the most trusted local service provider in Denver. We’ve got a pool of highly competent and well equipped service technicians that are always ready to assist you 24/7.

There are a number of possible reason why a garage door goes off of its track

  1. A bump into the garage door can make it misaligned. Usually coming from a bump from your car when you are backing down or parking, this is one of the most common reasons why a garage door is thrown off.
  2. A bent track can also be a reason for your garage door rollers to go off track.
  3. Misaligned or not securely fastened tracks can caused the garage door to be unbalanced and prevent it from opening or closing properly.
  4. Loose cables can slip of the cable drum or pulley preventing the garage door to slide along the tracks.
  5. Dirty and unlubricated tracks and pulleys
  6. Faulty bearing inside one of the rollers

You can trust us to fix your garage door swiftly and precisely. Call us today and let us put your garage off track repair Denver.

Get comprehensive solution to your garage door problems as we at Rocky Mountain Garage Door commit to providing you 100% working and fail proof solution to your garage door off track.

As we get in touch with our customers, we provide onsite assessment whether there are parts to be replaced to resolve the problem. During this time, we are checking to determine the possible cause of the garage door going off track.

Next is the actual re-aligning of the tracks and the replacement of any possible faulty parts.

Preventive maintenance procedures are then done like cleaning the tracks, lubricating the pulleys and rollers, and re-winding the cables to ensure that the garage door slides smoothly after repaired.

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